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Quantum Physics and Spirituality: God of the Gaps?

“Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial- mental and spiritual.”

– R.C. Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University

Atomic series. Interplay of lights and fractal elements on the subject of quantum mechanics, particle physics and energy.

Quantum physics debunks scientist’s traditional assumption of the universe’s finite materiality – namely, that space, time, and matter can be measured by an unchanging, objective standard. However, the dual slit experiment (DSE), photon entanglement, and the dual slit experiment have proven that space, time, and matter are simply illusions, or mental constructs that cannot be objectively measured.  Those unwilling to accept the spiritual implications of quantum physics have claimed that scientists don’t know enough about the Universe.

For those of you who are not familiar with the dual slit experiment, here are some excellent videos and studies that should give you a good overview of the basics:

For more information on how consciousness can affect matter:

Dual Slit Experiment Study

Dean Radin’s Dual Slit Research

These studies show that simply by observing a particle’s trajectory (even when the particle is unaware of a measurement occurring) the particle or the proton (matter itself) will be influenced on a material level.  No amount of jargon, or technical theories can get around the fact that we are now able to conclusively prove that immateriality can control matter, which is a stunning discovery because this is what ancient Christian, Buddhist, and other spiritual texts have described over centuries with regards to spiritual phenomenon.  However, some folks misunderstanding the experiment have made some claims trying to deny the proposition that this experiment proves immateriality can control matter.

Does Measurement Itself Changes the Particle? The Heisenberg Principle

Some critics have tried to use the Heisenberg principle to explain away the implications of the dual slit experiment. However, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle simply states that the particle cannot be tracked at the quantum level because of difficulties measuring the position and momentum of a particle.  The Heisenberg principle does nothing to explain why shooting photons (matter) through dual slits produces wave patterns rather than a dual slit pattern.

It only offers to explain why the individual particles can’t be tracked.  Further, it cannot explain why placing a measuring device, or the act of observing, will change the results, creating a dual slit pattern that would be expected with matter; rather than a wave pattern.

The Dual Slit Experiment Says Nothing About Spirit? 

Other critics have said that the dual slit experiment just means that the quantum world is far more mysterious than we know, but nothing about it points to a spiritual existence or phenomenon.  It is true that we don’t know much about the quantum world; however, it is also true, that the experiment does conclusively prove that material matter (atoms, protons, etc.) can be influenced simply by observing them (an immaterial act). And, no matter what technical theories, jargon, or explanations offered, cannot debunk this principle of the universe.

God of the Gaps?

Since the dual slit experiment specifically proves a proposition; the God of the Gaps theory isn’t applicable.  The God of the Gaps theory usually goes something like, “since we don’t know, God must be responsible for it.”  However, this is not what the we are saying about the dual slit, we are saying “since we DO know, we are now able to say that immateriality can control matter.”  See the difference?

So, there you have it, materialism – the idea that the universe is just what we can see, measure, perceive, etc. – has been scientifically proven to be insufficient to fully understand our reality, which is composed of immaterial phenomenon (spiritual, mental, and conscious) every second of our lives.